Travel80 insurance

Travel80 is a multi-year travel medical insurance designed to meet emergency medical travel insurance needs for years to come. This long-term product has the following unique features and advantages:

  • Emergency medical insurance for any number of 30-day trips.
  • For Canadians between the ages of 18 and 65 inclusively, as long as the policyholder continues to have coverage under a Canadian provincial or territorial government health insurance plan.
  • Guaranteed renewable annually.
  • Matures at age 80 when the policy terminates.
  • Annual premiums are based on age at application, adjusted for inflationary costs and plan experience.
  • The plan returns 50% of premium if the policyholder is claim-free for 10 years.
  • Travel80 is guaranteed renewable, regardless of any changes in health status, for the term of the policy.
  • It offers guaranteed eligibility for top-up coverage for trips longer than 30 days.